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Detoxification Centre in Delhi

Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi

Sahyog Detox and De addiction Clinic is the Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi for many reasons.

Sahyog is a luxury Rehabilitation Center with charges ranging from Rs 75,000/- to Rs 100,000/-. It also caters to people who cannot afford these charges but primarily it is a luxury rehabilitation center. The property is spacious with a lawn and trees and air conditioned rooms on a twin and triple sharing basis. There are attached bathrooms.

But primarily it is the best rehabilitation center because the success rate is the best and the therapy imparted is beyond comparison. It is run by a doctor who himself had problems with alcoholism and addition. The food is very tasty and there is no limitation on the amount of food you can eat. There is non vegetarian fare also thrice weekly..

There is no physical torture and the atmosphere is very good.

Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in South Delhi


Sahyog Nasha Mukti Kendra located in South Delhi is the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi for the simple reason that it is the only Nasha Mukti Kendra which follows the 12 Step Program and is run by a qualified M.B.B.S. Doctor who himself is a recovering addict and alcoholic and it is a known fact that the 12 Step Program offers the highest success rate in curing the disease of addiction and alcoholism.

It is located in a spacious farmhouse with a capacity for 20 patients with a lawn and trees and greenery. The food is excellent and non vegetarian food is also served regularly. The patients are not required to do menial chores like sweeping and swabbing or cleaning the toilets. But the primary reason why it is better than any other Nasha Mukti Kendra is that our success rate is much better than other place.
The success rate for Alcoholism and Addiction is very low but Sahyog Nasha Mukti Kendra offers the highest success rate.

De-Addiction Centre in Delhi

Sahyog Detox and De addiction Clinic

As a doctor and an individual who became clean and sober in 2002, I began to appreciate what an excellent opportunity I had to help other suffering addicts and alcoholics and do my part to help improve the treatment and recovery scenario in our society.
From this was born Sahyog, the Rehabilitation Center that I founded in 2006 and have been running since.
Sahyog rehabilitation center is committed to providing the best treatment possible, treatment that can and does lead to steady and sustained, rich and meaningful, productive and responsible recovery from addiction and emotional issues.
We introduce troubled and often disheartened sufferers to a disciplined, systematic and comprehensive self-care regimen and the support groups and communities that actually liberate them not just from substance abuse or dysfunctional behavior, but also from dysfunctional thinking, emotional patterns, perceptions and responses and the self-destructive coping mechanisms that perpetuate the condition.
We don’t make our patients do menial chores and we provide excellent, tasty food. We treat people by empowering them.
Sahyog rehabilitation center has a significantly higher success rate than the average. While focusing on the core disease of addiction and alcoholism, we also ensure proper treatment of co-morbidities. We seek to promote benchmark services and best practices.
While providing the patient referred to us with a comprehensive residential program that addresses all the basic aspects of medical attention and recovery from substance abuse, we work jointly with referring doctors for best results.
For best results, the convergence of clinical specialists, rehabilitation centers, therapists and support groups to treat addiction should really be a systematic, coordinated and continuing network of resources that a recovering person can draw on to address all the varied forms of damage that the condition gives rise to.

Alcoholism Treatment in Delhi


Alcoholism is a disease and it is a very nasty disease to have. This is the only disease that denies its own existence and resists treatment. Secondly, the medical definition of alcoholism is that it is a chronic relapsing disease. That means that it is incurable and even after a person leaves alcohol he can start again. Thirdly, it is nasty because the success rate is very low. At the best of times it is 20% at the end of 1 year and goes on decreasing as time goes on.
The ism in alcoholism is “incredibly short memory. Alcoholics tend to forget very fast what all bad things have happened to them as a result of alcohol abuse. They forget the arguments at home with loved ones, the vitiated atmosphere at home, difficulties at work, the physical harms, accidents, all is forgotten.
Alcohol is an excellent solution-it dissolves marriages, careers, health, finances.
But the alcoholic is the last person to acknowledge he has a problem even though he is the first to experience that something is wrong. The fact that there is something wrong with the alcoholic is apparent to the people around him.
The denial of the alcoholic is so cunning, baffling, clever and powerful that he or she becomes powerless in front of it.
Not every person who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic, in fact only 12% of people who drink alcohol are alcoholics, rest are social drinkers. The difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic is that the social drinker is able to guarantee the amount he is going to drink and is able to guarantee his behavior after drinking alcohol, whereas, the alcoholic is not able to do so.