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Alcoholism Treatment in Delhi


Alcoholism is a disease and it is a very nasty disease to have. This is the only disease that denies its own existence and resists treatment. Secondly, the medical definition of alcoholism is that it is a chronic relapsing disease. That means that it is incurable and even after a person leaves alcohol he can start again. Thirdly, it is nasty because the success rate is very low. At the best of times it is 20% at the end of 1 year and goes on decreasing as time goes on.
The ism in alcoholism is “incredibly short memory. Alcoholics tend to forget very fast what all bad things have happened to them as a result of alcohol abuse. They forget the arguments at home with loved ones, the vitiated atmosphere at home, difficulties at work, the physical harms, accidents, all is forgotten.
Alcohol is an excellent solution-it dissolves marriages, careers, health, finances.
But the alcoholic is the last person to acknowledge he has a problem even though he is the first to experience that something is wrong. The fact that there is something wrong with the alcoholic is apparent to the people around him.
The denial of the alcoholic is so cunning, baffling, clever and powerful that he or she becomes powerless in front of it.
Not every person who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic, in fact only 12% of people who drink alcohol are alcoholics, rest are social drinkers. The difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic is that the social drinker is able to guarantee the amount he is going to drink and is able to guarantee his behavior after drinking alcohol, whereas, the alcoholic is not able to do so.

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