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Detoxification Centre in Delhi

Sahyog Rehabilitation Centre

As a doctor and an individual who became clean and sober in 2002, I began to appreciate what an excellent opportunity I had to help other suffering addicts and alcoholics and do my part to help improve the treatment and recovery scenario in our society.
From this was born Sahyog, the Rehabilitation Centre that I founded in 2006 and have been running since.
Sahyog rehabilitation centre is committed to providing the best treatment possible, treatment that can and does lead to steady and sustained, rich and meaningful, productive and responsible recovery from addiction and emotional issues.
We introduce troubled and often disheartened sufferers to a disciplined, systematic and comprehensive self-care regimen and the support groups and communities that actually liberate them not just from substance abuse or dysfunctional behaviour, but also from dysfunctional thinking, emotional patterns, perceptions and responses and the self-destructive coping mechanisms that perpetuate the condition.
We don’t make our patients do menial chores and we provide excellent, tasty food.

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