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Phases of Addiction – Early Phase

In the disease of Addiction, there are three distinct phases. Each phase has its own signs and symptoms.


Increased Tolerance

This is the first warning sign of the development of dependence. Higher amounts are needed to produce the same effect which was produced in the beginning by lesser amounts. The effect that two pegs of alcohol produced earlier is not experienced and larger quantity is needed to produce the same high. Similarly, to get the effect which a joint produced initially two or three joints are needed.


Blackout does not mean that the person becomes unconscious, it is not that he or she falls flat. The person is able to go through all the activities but he or she is not able to remember anything at all. The person is able to walk, talk or even drive a vehicle ‘apparently normally’, but has no recollection of it afterwards. This is primarily seen in alcohol addiction.

Pre-occupation with Drugs and Alcohol

Even when the person is not taking alcohol or drugs he or she is always pre-occupied with the thoughts of how, when and where to get the next drink or fix. The person keeps on thinking why won’t the day pass soon, so that he or she can have his or her drinks. When will the guests leave so that he can have a joint in peace.

Avoiding any talk about Alcohol or Drugs

This is because of the associated guilt feeling. Even if somebody else bring up the topic of alcohol or drugs the person conveniently avoids the topic. They do not want to talk about, read anything that has any reference to alcohol or drugs.

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