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Alcoholism De-addiction Centre Delhi


At Sahyog detox and de addiction clinic we follow a proper routine which is a must for any rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation in Hindi means punarwas. That is to settle again or inculcate a new discipline in ones life.

The wake up is at 6.45 am and the morning prayer and tea at 7.00 am. At 7.45 am there is yoga and meditation. Breakfast is served around 9.15 am and from 10 am sessions start. First is the reading session, followed by writing session. After which we have a lecture. Then lunch is served after which there is rest time. At 3.30 pm there is group discussion. There is an inventory writing session at 5 pm three days in a week. At 7 pm there is a in house AA/NA meeting, followed by dinner at 9.15 pm. Meditation again at 10.45 pm and lights out at 11 pm.

Discipline is very important in an addicts or alcoholics life and in the rehabilitation center we try to inculcate that in the patients. A rehabilitation center teaches you a new way of life.

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