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Alcoholism and Addiction

Alcoholism and Addiction is a disease. It is an incurable disease but definitely treatable. It is progressive and fatal if not treated. It is a chronic and relapsing disease. It is a primary disease.

It affects the body, mind and spirit. It is characterized by a physical allergy which means that if the addict or alcoholic puts any kind of mood altering substance in his body he will not be able to stop at one. He knows how to open the bottle but does not know how to close it. Even after a period of abstinence he is never able to regain control. In fact, loss of control is one of the main symptoms of the disease.

Secondly, there is a mental obsession. Even when the person is not drinking or using drugs he or she is constantly thinking about how to do it, how to get it etc. The mental obsession is why people go back to drinking alcohol or using drugs even when there is no physical craving.

Thirdly, there is spiritual bankruptcy which means that the relations of the person with himself or herself, others and the God of ones understanding are ruined.

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