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Addiction - Treatable Condition

Addiction – A Treatable Condition

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a treatable condition like any disease but most people think it is a lack of will power or they think that the person is morally weak.

Let me share my experience on giant wheel where I had gone with my friends to enjoy in a fair. At first, as the giant wheel was about to start there was a sense of anticipation and excitement. Then it started and the experience was very thrilling. It went up and down. As the speed increased my excitement began to wear off and I started to feel scared. I looked at my friends and they were still enjoying it. I held on tightly and prayed for it to stop but it went on and on and I started to feel nauseous but my friends were laughing and enjoying themselves. I held on tightly and started to panic. I was afraid that it would crash and that I would die. I realized that shouting will not help and wished I had never gotten on this ride.

This is very similar to our experience with drugs and alcohol. Many people continue to drink alcohol and use drugs and still enjoy themselves but some like me can’t and become addicted and start experiencing the harmful effects of addiction. What was fun and enjoyable in the beginning turned into sorrow and pain. How many times we wished we had not started at all.

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