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Substance Abuse Treatment in Delhi

Best Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction

Sahyog Detox and De addiction Clinic offers the Best Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction by far. It is the only Rehabilitation Center that is run by a doctor who himself had problems with alcoholism and addiction and is clean and sober today for more than 18 years all thanks to the 12 Step Program. This combination of a doctor and a recovering alcoholic and addict is to be found nowhere else. Because of this we can treat patients with our knowledge as well as our experience. Sahyog has an excellent success rate which is more than other similar institutions. This is in part due to excellent therapy we provide. The physical craving is taken care of in the detox phase where medication is given to handle the withdrawal symptoms. The mental obsession is taken care of in the group therapy and behavior therapy during the sessions the aim of which is to make the person realize that the way he is drinking alcohol or using drugs is wrong and it is in his best interest to give it up. Then it is not difficult to stop but difficult to stay stopped, for this we rigorously follow the 12 Step Program and try to inculcate in our patients. The emotional turmoil is handled by the psychologist and psychiatrist. And spiritual bankruptcy is taken care of by forming healthy relationships with self, family and a Higher Power.

All in all, Sahyog offers the Best Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction in Delhi.

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