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Behavior Therapy for DeAddiction

Best Treatment for Addiction in Delhi

Sahyog Detox and De addiction Clinic offers the Best Treatment for any Addiction in Delhi, be it addiction to alcohol or drugs or as some families are coming to us for gaming addiction. Here is a 23 year old patient who plays games all night on his computer and even when not playing watches it on the phone even though he is not able to play. He left his job at the beginning of the lock down and is now home bound. He is not bothered about eating or interacting with the family members and all his waking time is spent on a screen. Even when he was working the first thing he would do after coming back from office was gaming. This is serious asĀ  it is causing unmanageability in his life and disturbing the atmosphere at home. We believe that addiction can not only be to a substance but also to some activity. The result is the same, the patients life becomes unmanageable. We believe that the 12 Step Program can help such people. It is well known that the 12 Step Program can help in any addiction, be it drugs or alcohol or online gaming. It is an obsessive compulsive disorder that may require medication too. Let us hope that this patient comes for admission because we feel that we can help him and his family.

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