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Detoxification Centre in Delhi

Best Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism in Delhi

Sahyog Detox and De addiction Clinic offers the Best Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism. Addiction can be of any type, drugs, alcohol, gambling, overeating or online gaming. First we detox the patient, i.e., give medication. This is valid in cases of substance abuse where withdrawal symptoms can be very debilitating. For many other addictions just getting admitted is enough to keep them away from their addictive behavior. This phase lasts for about five to seven days. Thereafter the patient is required to follow our routine. The routine being, wake up at seven, followed by yoga and meditation. Breakfast is followed by five or six sessions during the day. First is the reading session in which literature from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is read. The disease of addiction is same. Drugs, alcohol or gambling are merely symptoms of the disease. The disease of addiction can be defined as – impulsive, compulsive behavior leading to spiritual decay. When we talk of spiritual it has no religious connotations but it means relationships. So basically, addiction is anything which I do without thinking and do it again and again which causes a deterioration in my relationships with self, others or God of my understanding can be called addiction. It can be alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, online gaming or any such thing. The reading session is followed by a writing session in which initially the patients have to write about themselves and then answer questions based on the 12 Step Program. Third session is like a lecture where we talk about the disease concept of addiction and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This is followed by lunch after which the patients get time to rest. After that there is Group Discussion in which whatever topic was taught in the lecture, the patients relate it to their own lives and share about themselves. Thee times a week the patients write their inventory, i.e., thoughts and feelings of the day and share them in the group in front of the counselor. Then there is a in house AA/NA Meeting in the evening everyday and dinner is followed by meditation again. This is how the day is structured and the aim of all the sessions is to make the person realize that the way he was indulging in addictive behavior was wrong and it is in his best interest to stop.

All in all, Sahyog offers the Best Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism in Delhi.

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