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Detoxification Centre in Delhi

Best De addiction Center in Delhi

Sahyog Detox and De addiction Clinic is the Best De addiction Center in Delhi and it is so because of many reasons. First and foremost is that at Sahyog we offer proper and complete treatment of alcoholism and addiction. The patients are encouraged to accept their addictive disease. Acceptance is the ability to think about what happened while they were drinking alcohol and using drugs without feeling any pain or discomfort. It is an emotional process that involves the resolution of shame, guilt and unresolved painful experiences that occurred during alcoholism and addiction. Many addicts and alcoholics carry these unresolved memories for a very long time. Most of time they feel fine but whenever they think or talk about their drinking or drugging days the pain, shame and guilt come back.

Many try to cope with those feelings by not thinking about the memories that produce them. This method works in the short run but eventually the feelings come back. These painful feelings can be resolved by working the 12 Step Program, undergoing counseling and therapy and learning to talk about the feelings that these memories cause. When they fully accept their addiction, their past alcohol and drug use no longer has the power to hurt them.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous clearly tells that they will know a new freedom and a new happiness, that they will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door upon it, that they will comprehend the word serenity and will know peace. In spite of their past history and all the pain and problems they have caused to themselves and others, they can know serenity and peace of mind.

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