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Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi

Sahyog Detox and De addiction Clinic is the Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi by far and for a variety of reasons. One reason is that at Sahyog we do proper treatment of alcoholism and addiction. Proper Treatment includes Stabilization, i.e., Recovering from the damage of alcoholism and addiction.

Four important things happen during the Stabilization process of Recovery. The patients recover physically from the withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse. They stop being preoccupied with the use of a substance. They learn to solve problems without the use of alcohol and other drugs and they also develop hope and motivation.

At the beginning the patients come when they are still using alcohol or other drugs. After admission they no longer have access to any mood altering substance except nicotine or caffeine. The patients develop withdrawal symptoms and may become physically sick. There are two types of withdrawal symptoms –  acute and post acute. The acute withdrawal symptoms last for 1-10 days and by contrast post acute withdrawal symptoms can occur anytime up to  2 years. The patients are given medication to help them tide over the withdrawals as they can be quite severe in case of opioid addiction and in case of alcohol and sleeping tablets can be fatal also. But this is just the beginning, this is not the treatment. Actual therapy starts after the acute withdrawals are over through group and behavior therapy.

Post acute withdrawals can occur anytime for up to 2 years. This can very easily lead to a relapse. The symptoms include inability to think clearly, not being able to manage feelings and emotions, being accident prone, not being able to handle stress and sleep disturbances.

At Sahyog we deal with all type of withdrawals in a proper manner and that is why it is the Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi.

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