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Delhi Alcohol Addiction Centre Delhi

Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi

The Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi is Sahyog Detox and De addiction where patients of alcoholism and drug addiction, in fact any type of addiction (except tobacco addiction) is treated properly and  in a holistic manner. It is the Best Rehabilitation Center because it is run by a doctor who himself had problems with alcoholism and drug addiction himself and is clean and sober today thanks to the 12 Step Program. This is the USP of Sahyog and is to be found nowhere else. As a result of this we treat patients not only with our knowledge but also our experience. As a result of this the therapy we provide has resulted in the excellent success rate Sahyog enjoys. The success rate is much better than other similar institutions. The atmosphere at Sahyog is very conducive to Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. The quality of food served at Sahyog is very good. It is extremely tasty. Non vegetarian fare is served thrice a week and even the dal and vegetables are made very well. Also the patients can eat as much as they want, there is no restriction on the amount one can eat. There are adequate recreational facilities too. Patients play volley ball, badminton, table tennis, and a whole lot board games like ludo, carom, chess, monopoly, scrabble etc. There is a television in every room. A yoga session is conducted in the mornings to help maintain the physical condition of the patients. Meditation is conducted twice a day for introspection and self healing.

All in all Sahyog is the Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi.

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