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Substance Abuse Counselling

Best De addiction Center in Delhi

Sahyog is the Best De addiction Center in Delhi by a long margin. Sahyog offers complete and holistic treatment of alcoholism and addiction. As part of therapy the patients have to understand what role has addiction played in their life. The addictive self in the alcoholic or addict forces them to change physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. The Big Book calls it ”cunning, baffling and powerful.” The addictive self conned them into believing things that were not true. They believed their addictive self was their friend, when it was really an enemy. They believed they could trust their addictive self to help them, when it was actually destroying them. They thought their addictive self could help them to solve problems, when all it did was to create problems. They believed that their addictive self would help them with stress, whereas it stressed them to the point of collapse. They need to straighten their thinking and see their addictive self for what it is.

All this is done at Sahyog and that is why we have such an excellent success rate and it is the Best De addiction Center in Delhi.

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